saladaeng 10 January 2020
Creative neighborhoods like Saladaeng inspire us. It’s hard not to fall in love with the buzz, eclectic vibes and natural charms of this part of town.
saladaeng 28 January 2020
Come on up! Inspiration awaits.
saladaeng 10 January 2020
Our second home in this dynamic neighborhood comprises of 3 different floors: The Ground is where you can find grab-and-go treats and indulge in comforting food. The Market is full of exciting food & drink vendors in a communal vibe. thePlatform on the third floor is where we aim to bring people together through the art of learning and sharing.
saladaeng 31 January 2020
Our line-up of talented, local musicians ensure that you’ve got sweet beats to enjoy within our welcoming community space.