Live Music
saladaeng 14 October 2021
Abracadabra! Our magic crystal ball has spoken! Your family has been summoned to theCOMMONS Saladeng on Sat, Oct 30th (10am – 5pm) for a socially-distanced Halloween celebration in collaboration with Little Pea.
saladaeng 01 October 2021
Music is magic! This month’s playlists are curated by Däydang (ด้ายแดง), a collective of Thai artists & DJs who blend Thai style with modern flair.
saladaeng 01 October 2021
Enjoy browsing our shops and ordering delicious food from our vendors directly at their eateries.
saladaeng 01 October 2021
Yippee! Our doors are open to welcome you back into our community space for dine-in from 8am – 9pm daily. Read on for handy information about visiting theCOMMONS including our latest safety measures. Thank you for helping us keep everyone happy and healthy. Let’s stay safe and have a good time! 
saladaeng 01 October 2021
Bring your appetite; we’ll bring the deals! Whether you’re exploring new dishes, treating your loved ones to an affordable meal, or enjoying your favorites for a bargain, our October promos are a great way to eat more for less. Get them before they disappear.
saladaeng 23 September 2021
What is your bouquet saying? Before planning your next beautiful Plant House arrangement, check out the meanings behind popular flowers. Your favorite blooms send specific messages, which you’ll want to know. Whether you’re sending a message of love or appreciation, there’s a flower for practically every emotion. Read on to learn the secret language of flowers.
saladaeng 01 September 2021
New month, new promos! There’s a bundle of HOT DEALS happening throughout September and we’re sharing them with you. Let the feasting commence!
saladaeng 01 September 2021
This month, the Olympic Digger crew is taking over our virtual DJ booth, so get ready for some epic sounds! You might recognize these DJs from theCOMMONS’ live music sessions and events. We miss them… and they miss you! We look forward to when they can hit the decks again in-person. In the meantime, get your fix here. Learn more about Olympic Digger’s vinyl music community on Facebook at @olympicdigger and Instagram at olympicdigger.
saladaeng 18 August 2021
Stay home. Stay fit with Absolute You’s new PROMO! Book your private online classes & enjoy 50% OFF their regular packages. Classes start at only ฿650 baht per session! It’s easy to create your perfect home workout with Absolute’s mix of Pilates Reformer, Mat Pilates, Yoga, & Progressive Personal Training sessions.
saladaeng 02 August 2021
to Fit Your Mood This month, our music insiders are sharing playlists to enhance your mood. Whether you fancy something pensive, elevating, or invigorating, you’ll love jamming to these tunes.