Live Music
saladaeng 01 June 2021
Hey, music lovers! Get your groove on with these July playlists from Thailand’s music insiders, musicians, and creatives. It’s a great way to discover fresh tunes, which these local movers & shakers love sharing with you.
saladaeng 01 July 2021
Hold onto your hats because we’ve got a NEW month of vendor promos! You’ll score discounts on salon services and tasty treats while also getting looped into our eateries’ latest offerings. Grab yours today.
saladaeng 01 June 2021
New month, new music! Tune into some fresh beats with us. Our DJ friends and music insiders are sharing a new batch of curated playlists to keep you jamming throughout June. Listen along as you work, play, or commute. 
saladaeng 01 June 2021
New month, new deals! Don’t let these special June promos get away. You can also enjoy them for delivery and takeaway throughout the month.
saladaeng 01 May 2021
Although we had to close for dine-in starting on May 1, 2021 in compliance with government regulations, our eateries are still open for delivery and takeaway. Place your orders because there are so many great reasons to leave the cooking to our kitchens! First, our passionate chefs love preparing food for you. After all, great food doesn’t just go to our stomachs. It goes to our hearts! Additionally, each order supports local businesses who truly appreciate your patronage during these challenging times. Thank you for helping others and the community. Finally, you can relax, spend time with your loved ones, or try a new hobby as our eateries prepare your meals. Doesn’t that sound nice? Browse our list of vendors. Great food is on the way!
saladaeng 01 May 2021
Hey, music lovers! Get your NEW music here. The beat goes on even though our live music performances are temporarily cancelled at both our locations. This month, our DJ friends will light-up your world with their curated playlists featuring tracks that’ll keep you grooving no matter where you’re tuning in.   
saladaeng 01 May 2021
Here’s a fun fact: Good food is the foundation of happiness! Get ready to jump for joy because our May promos will keep you smiling with fresh deals from our eateries at theCOMMONS Saladaeng. You can enjoy them for delivery and takeaway. Let’s eat!
saladaeng 29 April 2021
As jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald said, “Music is the universal language… it brings people together.” It certainly does and although we had to cancel our International Jazz Day events due to the pandemic, we are continuing to create connections through jazz. In fact, you can still enjoy the 10th Anniversary of this UNESCO heritage celebration of music, community, culture, and art with us!
saladaeng 20 April 2021
Following safety guidelines and to prevent the spread of Covid-19, please note that we will no longer hold our live music sessions or International Jazz Day events at theCOMMONS Thonglor and Saladaeng until further notice. Of course, the music doesn’t stop there! We’re still bringing you jazzy playlists, which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home or on the go. We’ll keep your ears happy. Just follow our Facebook and Instagram pages because new music is coming your way from theCOMMONS.
saladaeng 01 April 2021
Come see what’s happening this month at theCOMMONS! We’ve got lots of exciting events, live music, and family activities to make your month shine. Starting on April 10th, you can capture your good times at our NEW photo booths, too! After all, beautiful memories are one life’s best gifts.