Live Music
thonglor 31 March 2024
Hippity hop! You’re invited to our Easter event, Wild Rumpus: Adventures of the One Eared Bunny. Bring your little bunnies to our family-friendly extravaganza happening on Sun 31 March (10am – 5pm) at theCOMMONS Thonglor. Entry is FREE!
thonglor 31 December 2023
Join us at theCOMMONS for “Ring In 2024!” as we rekindle relationships and make memories that last through the new year. After all, the best gift is quality time together! Throughout the holidays, we invite you to cross paths at theCOMMONS and connect through our “Ring In 2024!” experiences. They’ll spark meaningful moments with the ones you love!
thonglor 29 September 2023
Ghostly greetings! Join us on Halloween weekend for our Wild Spooky Rumpus events (11am - 5pm) happening in collaboration with Little Pea. This year’s theme - Be You. Be Boo! - conjures up an inclusive celebration that honors our diverse community of boo-tiful souls.
thonglor 01 September 2023
Kindness flows from our Water Stations! Each time you refill your water bottle and share 20 baht (or more!), you’ll help local communities through our Common Compassion initiative. In return, you’ll enjoy refreshing filtered water. We appreciate your support.
thonglor 31 August 2023
Water can work wonders! Just by refilling your reusable bottle at our Water Stations and sharing 20 baht (or more!) via our QR code or gifting box, you’ll lend a helping hand to vulnerable community members through our Common Compassion initiative. 
thonglor 01 June 2023
🏳️‍🌈🎶 Let’s turn up our Pride (and music!) as we jam through June! Join along as we celebrate Pride month with rhythm, flavor, and togetherness during our Pride Beats festivities.
thonglor 01 May 2023
Are you ready to get your gig on? This month’s lineup includes your favorite Bangkok DJs, master jazz musicians from Sweets Records, and even Monday night blues. They’re all sharing space on our schedule! Grab a seat in our Market (Fl. M) and feast at our eateries. We’re filling the airwaves with sweet sounds.
thonglor 01 April 2023
Our Market (Fl. M) is the perfect spot to savor one of life’s simple pleasures - live music! From evening DJs to Sunday jazz to our (drum roll, please!) International Jazz Day event, you’ll find a buzzing scene. Groove along while enjoying a variety of food and drinks. Explore our April lineup below.
thonglor 11 March 2023
Join us at theCOMMONS Thonglor’s BLOCK PARTY! We’re celebrating 7 years in the neighborhood by introducing our RE-SERIES initiative.
thonglor 01 March 2023
Music is in the air! This month, we’re hitting all the right notes with a new roster of musicians and genres. This includes a special lineup during our RE-SERIES: Block Party on March 11th (10am – 11pm) at theCOMMONS Thonglor. Groove along with something yummy from our eateries. Details below.