Live Music
thonglor 22 September 2021
Learn how to say it with flowers! Before brainstorming your next amazing Plant House bouquet, learn the meanings behind popular flowers. Once you understand the secret language behind these beautiful blooms, you can create more thoughtful arrangements. Floral symbolism has been used since ancient times to express nearly every sentiment imaginable. What meaningful messages will you choose?
thonglor 31 August 2021
We took the money that was donated to our drinking water stations and bought gloves & alcohol gel for the medical team working at the Public Health Center in Wat-Tad-Thong, Ekkamai.
thonglor 01 September 2021
Do you love deals? Do you love food? Do you love deals on food? Well, read on because your month is about to get a whole lot yummier.
thonglor 01 September 2021
The groove is in your heart! This month, the vinyl-loving DJ crew from Olympic Digger is taking you on a rich ride through music-landia. Buckle up, kiddies! This is one trip you don’t want to miss. You might recognize these DJs from theCOMMONS’ live music sessions and events. We miss them… and they miss you! We can’t wait for the time when they can play for you in-person. In the meantime, join our virtual jam sessions. Want to learn more about Olympic Digger’s vinyl music community? Check them out on Facebook at @olympicdigger and Instagram at olympicdigger.
thonglor 18 August 2021
Stay home. Stay fit with Absolute You’s new PROMO! Book your private online classes & enjoy 50% OFF their regular packages. Classes start at only ฿650 baht per session! It’s easy to create your perfect home workout with Absolute’s mix of Pilates Reformer, Mat Pilates, Yoga, & Progressive Personal Training sessions. 
thonglor 02 August 2021
to Fit Your Mood Music makes life better. This month, our music insiders invite you to take their carefully curated playlists for a spin. Just push “play” to hear creative compilations that are guaranteed to enhance your mood.
thonglor 31 July 2021
theCOMMONS Cloud Thonglor You know what makes delicious food even better? A great deal! Your tastebuds will do a happy dance with these scrumptious August promos & updates from our eateries. Dig in!
thonglor 29 July 2021
Come feast on our fluffy cloud! In following the government’s new guidelines, we’ve transformed theCOMMONS from a community space into a curated cloud kitchen. Although we are not open for walk-ins or takeaway orders, we'll satisfy all your cravings with fast & fresh delivery from our eateries.
thonglor 01 June 2021
Hey, music lovers! Get your groove on with these July playlists from Thailand’s music insiders, musicians, and creatives. It’s a great way to discover fresh tunes, which these local movers & shakers love sharing with you.
thonglor 01 July 2021
Hold onto your hats because we’ve got a NEW month of vendor promos! You’ll score discounts on salon services and tasty treats while also getting looped into our eateries’ latest offerings. Grab yours today.