thonglor 21 March 2020
Our vendors won't let you go too hungry. While our building is closed, you can still enjoy their delicious food from home!
thonglor 08 March 2020
Charity begins in the community
thonglor 02 March 2020
Life is one grand, sweet song, so let’s start the music! Check out our line-up of talented musicians who are ready to rock your world every Wed – Sun night. We've got your soundtrack covered.
thonglor 14 February 2020
Thank you to everyone who joined our Eco-aWear event and a big shout out to our partner, Fashion Rethink for this enriching day! 🌎
thonglor 31 January 2020
Enjoy delicious food while indulging in great tunes, too! Here's our live music schedule for the month of February.
thonglor 27 January 2020
2019 was one action-packed year! Thank you for joining our exciting events and being part of the theCOMMONS community. Here are our highlights.
thonglor 27 January 2020
We recognize that our community extends beyond our grounds and that we can play an active part in supporting those in the neighborhood who may be in need of help. We believe charity begins in the community and that small acts of kindness can go a long way.