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All kinds

Welcome to All Kinds!  

We are a gathering ground for all kinds of products from all kinds of kind people.  

In 2021, theCOMMONS launched All Kinds as a retail space for heart-made, local brands. It was built upon the idea of choosing kindness over consumerism. We appreciate the chance to be a gathering ground for Thai talents and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to responsible, compassionate practices.  

Each product has a story. Every purchase sends ripples of kindness. Our curated collections create positive impacts for our planet, communities, and well-being. You’ll find goodies ranging from wholesome snacks that support a circular economy to a refill station with eco-friendly body care. 

Together, we can make the world a kinder place! At All Kinds, you’ll feel good knowing that you’re making a difference through causes that support equal education, healthcare, environmentalism, and more. You can also visit our exhibition area to learn how mindful shopping counteracts issues like plastic pollution. We hope that it inspires you to choose products that nurture a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Every few months, we rotate our offerings, so you'll always discover something new. Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, ethically made home item, or something special for yourself, you’ll find meaningful treasures at All Kinds. 



Explore our previous collections... 

Rotation 1: All Around 

Our first collection launched with earth-friendly brands that inspire us to live greener. Since everything all around us is connected, it’s important to be mindful of our environmental impact. These brands are kind to our earth in ways that extend to their vision, materials, production processes, and packaging 

Read more about All Around HERE. 

Rotation 2: All Within 

The next rotation featured brands that enriched us with wellness. We understand that happiness begins within, so we shared nourishing ways to be kind to our bodies and minds. It’s all about the simple joys of healing, relaxation, and self-care through thoughtful products 

Read more about All Within HERE. 


Rotation 3: All of Us 

Our third batch shared items that build stronger communities. This planet is home to all of us. Let's make it a safer, more inclusive place. This collection shined a light on talented Hmong minorities, neurodivergent communities, Thai silversmiths, northern Thai farmers, and more. 

Read more about All of Us HERE.