Local Goodness
Nov 28th-29th / 10am-8pm
Local Goodness

We are thrilled to bring you the second edition of our Local Goodness event, which brings you an assortment of Thai talents, craftsmen, food, drinks, and beautiful traditions all in one place. 

This is a fun chance to learn about Thailand through hands-on activities and community connections. Come experience the local culture and wisdom through sustainable workshops, local foods, and a market highlighting Thai handicrafts and products. Read on to learn more. Be sure to book your spot early. 

Local Market: Browse and shop for local goods!


Caffe Olives
Hatch Goodies
Pridi Chocolate
Satu Doitao
Sea's Kombucha

Sweet & Green
บำรุงสุข คราฟท์

* In our efforts to reduce plastic waste, we'd like to encourage everyone to bring their own shopping bags and water bottles. Thank you for joining us in going green! 


For inquiries:
Email: [email protected]

28 Nov
29 Nov
THONGLOR / The Secret Room, Fl.1
28 November 2020 / 10am-1pm
Join along as we learn about the key ingredient to making simple, satisfying bread - yeast! This session will introduce you to the wonderful world of natural yeast bread-making. Kamala Thaneto, the founder and baker of Salee Bakehouse, will explain the differences between sourdough and yeast water. You will make your own yeast water starter using locally sourced ingredients. Upon leaving, you will bring home a live – ready-to-bake sourdough culture from Salee Bakehouse.
THONGLOR / Village Fl.1
28 November 2020 / 10am-12pm
Join along as Roots’ highlights Thai coffee and locally grown produce sourced from three farmers whom work closely with Roots. You’ll learn about the traditions, techniques, and communities involved in making the perfect cup of Thai coffee. Afterwards, you’ll test your Barista skills and craft your own coffee creation using seasonal fruits like passion fruit and pomelo.
THONGLOR / Sugarray Apartment, Market Fl.
28 November 2020 / 3pm-4pm
Shakers ready! The mixologists from Sugarray Apartment will teach you how to make delicious concoctions using interesting, local ingredients. Cheers!
THONGLOR / Common Ground
28 November 2020 / 2pm-3pm
At this sweet session, Wuttichai Inprayong will teach us about Thailand’s wild honey. This 100% natural honey is created from flower nectar and wild, Thai honeybees. We’ll learn about the flavors, colors, and unique characteristics of Thai honey while also exploring traditional Thai basket weaving.
THONGLOR / theCOMMONS Kitchen & Bar, Fl.3
28 November 2020 / 4.30pm-7.30pm
It’s burger time! Taiki from Homeburg will share the tips and techniques to create a classic cheeseburger using simple, quality, local ingredients.