Events & Workshops
THONGLOR / Village (Fl.1)
Sat, Feb 11th 2023 / 1pm-4pm
Are you looking for a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift? Drop by our workshop to create handmade floral cards with Plant House’s flower experts. In addition to learning how to make stationary using pressed foliage, you’ll discover how to upcycle flowers to make them last longer.
THONGLOR / theCOMMONS Kitchen & Bar (Fl.3)
Sat, Mar 18th 2023 / 10.30am-12pm
Join our monthly workshop to make a practical, household item and make a difference for our earth! This fun session is hosted by our eco-buddies at Bangkok Soap Opera. They’ll teach you how to recycle cooking oil by turning it into liquid soap. These sweet suds are kind to your body and to our planet.
THONGLOR / theCOMMONS Kitchen & Bar (Fl. 3)
Sun, Feb 19th 2023 / 10.30am-12pm
Learn the FUNdamentals of chocolate with Chef Daniel Bucher! In addition to enjoying family bonding, parents and their mini chefs (6 yrs+) will explore the tasty world of Thai chocolate and craft their own confections. Yum! This workshop will develop your child’s kitchen skills with hands-on chocolate making.
THONGLOR / theCOMMONS Kitchen & Bar (Fl. 3)
Sun, Feb 19th 2023 / 2pm - 4.30pm
Join along as Chef Daniel Bucher, co-founder of Pridi Cacaofevier, introduces you to the world of chocolate. He’ll explain the origins of Thai chocolate before teaching you how to craft your own treats.