thonglor 29 September 2020
Tips on How to Recycle Smart!

Let’s help our planet by recycling smart. We joined the Return Plastic Home Project to make recycling even easier for you. Did you know that it’s important to clean your plastics before dropping them off at our recycling station? Clean plastic creates a more streamlined and effective recycling process. That’s better for our earth! We’ve got the scoop on cleaning your plastics. Swipe through to learn what you should do. 


🌎 Each time you wipe your plastic bag before depositing it, you help save the additional energy and resources that would be used to prepare it for recycling. Well done! What might seem like a small amount of residue can build-up with many containers. Your help matters. 


🌎 You can drop your bottle caps here, too. We'll make sure that they don't pollute our oceans. Bottle caps often end up in the ocean which takes a huge toll on the marine environment. Animals die, the food chain is compromised, and ecosystems are contaminated. Luckily, these caps will be repurposed into new things that we can use. This keeps our oceans healthier. Winning!  


🌎 Cleaning your bottle and removing labels also streamlines the recycling process. Accumulated residue can contaminate a whole load of plastic. When we look at the big picture of recycling, we can see how small actions have a big impact. Let’s each do our part to keep recyclables clean. 


🌎 Please smash, crush, and flatten your bottle so that more plastic can fit into our recycling bins. Let's maximize our impact! A single-use plastic bottle is only used for about 12-minutes on average, but it can last for a millennium. A compact bottle means more opportunities to recycle. 


🌎 Leave the mess behind. Empty your cup and wipe it clean. A clean cup is a smart cup for recycling.


🌎We have two types of bins for your plastic: One is for Stretchy Plastic like bags and wrappers. The other is for Hard Plastic like cups and containers. 


🌎 You can find our Return Plastic Home drop-off point at the Common Ground near our main entrance. Bring your plastic here. Empty, Clean, & Dry! Let’s recycle smart. 


Learn more about Return Plastic Home HERE.