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At theCOMMONS, bringing people together is at the heart of what we do. But with the current pandemic, this is no longer possible. Without the ability to welcome you into our space, serve you a wholesome meal, or curate fun and enriching activities for you to enjoy, our sense of purpose is shaken to its core.  However, the most painful aspect is the simple reality that the absence of income also means that we can no longer afford to employ our team or pay them what they deserve.

Despite these dark times, we still believe that a little compassion can go a long way.

We have set up an Employee Relief Fund to help those who are the most affected.  We will seed this fund with enough money to provide 200 members of our staff with a supply of dry goods such as rice, canned food, and instant noodles for at least a 3-month period.


The workforce needing assistance includes everyone from the servers at Roast, the coffee roasters from Roots, the teachers at Little Pea, to the cleaners who have cleared your tables at theCOMMONS Market. These people need your help now more than ever.

With each 100 Baht donation received together with our seed funding, you can support one person by ensuring that our Employee Relief Fund has the proper resources to supplement their livelihood through a bi-monthly donation of dry goods.

Our seed funding + every 100 Baht
contribution from you, 1 person being helped

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