thonglor 27 January 2020
Community Initiatives

We recognize that our community extends beyond our grounds and that we can play an active part in supporting those in the neighborhood who may be in need of help. We believe charity begins in the community and that small acts of kindness can go a long way.

Here's some of the initiatives we have done so far at theCOMMONS Thonglor and would like to invite everyone to be a part of;

A Good Scrub: Trash to Treasure

Did you know that you can transform used-cooking oil into eco-friendly soap? In an effort to promote sustainability and waste reduction, we gather used-cooking oil from some of our vendors and recycle it into liquid soap. These sustainable suds are good for our planet and good for you, too! We’ve also collaborated with the folks at Bangkok Soap Opera to organize monthly soap-making workshop, so that everyone in the community can learn how to do it at home. This is a great way to protect our earth while learning something new. 

Check out our Soap Making Workshop schedule and book yourself a spot now! 

Community Fridge: Waste Less. Feed More.
We partnered with SOS Thailand (Scholars of Sustenance), a Bangkok-based foundation that collects excess food from organizations such as hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets to be redistributed to people in need throughout Bangkok. Their food waste reduction efforts have been truly inspiring! We wanted to do our part, so each day, vendors in theCOMMONS place their surplus food that would otherwise go to waste into our community fridge. ThaiSOS turns these ingredients into nutritious meals and donates them to orphanages, halfway homes and those in need. Thank you, SOS Thailand, for helping us to reduce food waste while supporting our community.

Common Compassion: Drinking Water Stations
As part of our Common Compassion initiative, we set up water stations around theCOMMONS, where you can quench your thirst while spreading kindness throughout the community. Every month the proceeds from your donations are given to an individual that lives or works in the neighborhood who is in need of a little help. Your donations have supported local causes such as providing bicycles to children in the Wattana District and alleviating financial strain for families with increased medical bills due to accidents or illness.  Thank you for spreading kindness one drink at a time! You can find our water stations on our Market Fl and the Top Yard.

Senior Support
Our Common Compassion outreach program also extends to helping elderly community members gain work. After all, senior members have a wealth of skills and experience as well as the desire to contribute to the community. This work experience helps seniors increase skills and stay active, while earning an income. Since 2018, we were able to help Khun Pa Patcharee by providing her with part-time work at theCOMMONS. Her hard work has paid off. She is now the manager of our Goodies Cart! Stop by our Goodies Cart on Thursdays – Mondays from 12-4pm to say, “Hi” to this lovely lady and browse through our collection of goodies.