Our intention is to build first a community, then a mall.
theCOMMONS is a gathering ground for quality producers who take pride in what they do and do it with utmost care.

Our intention is simple. We want to bring people together and build wholesome, meaningful communities in this beautiful city that we love.

We want to promote wholesome living, which to us, means taking care of yourself, the ones you love and your community. It's about pursuing your passion, not forgetting to play and spending meaningful time with those who matter. It's a healthy balance of eating well, indulging mindfully, caring for your body and staying curious.

We also recognize that our community extends beyond our grounds and that we can play an active part in supporting those in the neighborhood who may be in need of help. We believe charity begins in the community and that small acts of kindness can go a long way.
Our community

theCOMMONS Thonglor, our first home, was opened in late 2015 with the dream to be a backyard for the Thonglor neighborhood. The 4-storey architecture is divided into four areas. Each area has its own character that caters to different needs.

The Market is where you can indulge in Neapolitan pizzas, authentic Mexican dishes, poke bowls, Hakata-style ramen, and much more.

Life’s simplest pleasures can be found at the Village, from a vintage store, a florist, a hair salon, a cocktail bar, to a burger joint.

Kids and parents can join in fun activities on our Play Yard, from playgroups for the little ones to exercises like pilates and rhythm cycling studio for the grown-ups.

Head to the Top Yard and savor comfort food, or simply lounge and relax on our grass lawn while people gather for workshops and get-togethers inside theCOMMONS Kitchen.
Awards & Recognitions