Discover the Intuitive Magic of a Vision Board
SALADAENG / theCOMMONS Saladaeng, theHALL (Fl.3)
29 August 2020 / 2pm-4pm
096 556 1596
Discover the Intuitive Magic of a Vision Board

Explore the magical powers of a vision board! This workshop will guide you through the steps to make this fun, handcrafted tool which allows you to reconnect with yourself, rediscover your secret dreams, reveal your true desires, and focus upon your life’s goals. Participants will unlock their creativity and intuition using special materials provided for this occasion. Come experience this insightful session which helps you create your best life.   

About the Instructor:  

Lili is a dancer and life-coach with a background in European & International Studies as well as Dance & Movement Therapy. She has worked in global Humanitarian Aid for ten years. Lili has trained in various dance forms and has performed in New York City, Paris, and throughout Asia. Lili recently founded StepAhead which provides mentoring for individuals, NGOs, and professionals by using the healing power of Art and Movement to build resilience through creativity and connection.  

- Minimum Age of participants: 18+
- Language: English, Thai, & French 


29 Aug
1,600 Thb / Person
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