Events & Workshops
SALADAENG / The comfort of your own home!
18 July 2020 / 10.30AM-12PM
Studio Persona invites you to join this playful online workshop where you’ll learn how to transform recycled materials into a work of art. Come experiment with the endless possibilities that can be created from home materials while using personal reflection to design a meaningful sculpture.
SALADAENG / theCOMMONS Saladaeng, theHALL (Fl.3)
19 July 2020 / 3PM-5PM
Movement, creativity, & connection! Join this inspiring session to reignite your life force as Lili, a dancer and life coach, teaches us how to release stress and reconnect with ourselves through movement, games, and visual art. Participants will increase their body awareness while enjoying a sense of freedom and playfulness. You'll also learn about the core values to living a life aligned with your true desires. Come explore new possibilities while gaining a deeper peace of mind.
SALADAENG / theCOMMONS Saladaeng, theStudio (Fl.3)
25 July 2020 / 2pm-4pm
Join this inspiring workshop by Studio Persona to spark imagination and connection. Participants will learn how the arts can develop self-awareness and reveal feelings. We’ll also explore new ways to express ourselves using movement, painting, and clay to create symbols of self-care. Come discover more about yourself and others.
Jun, 19th - Sept, 19th 2020
The Silver Lining Project is our effort to nurture optimism and happiness within the community through beautiful artwork that is integrated into our surroundings. Stay inspired while also supporting local artists.