saladaeng 12 February 2021
Meet our Vendors: Lykke Yogurt

Treat your body well and enjoy Lykke’s all-natural Greek yogurt. Lykke’s Co-Founder & Yogurt Maker, Rungroth “Guy” Pradermchai, loves making yogurt that delivers tasty nutrients and joy. Each bite will boost your immune system with vitamins, calcium, protein, and gut-happy probiotics. It's scientifically proven that happiness is linked to great gut health, so swing by Lykke to make your tummy and tastebuds happy.  

Chef Guy explains that Lykke originated from a desire to share quality, locally-made Greek yogurt. After meticulous research and planning, Lykke opened its doors to bring the goodness of Greek yogurt to Bangkok. There are so many ways to enjoy Lykke! 

  • Enjoy yours with fresh fruit, classic granola, and homemade nectars like their Signature Honey, Choco Lykke Sauce, or Yuzu Sauce. 
  • Dessert lovers can try their Choco Lykke Brownie or Lykke Fruitcake, which tops their velvety yogurt with freshly baked cake.  
  • Want something lighter? Go for Lykke’s Orange & Pistachio, Rum Raisin, or slightly spicy Pineapple Zaab delights.  
  • Lykke’s Greek yogurt is also perfect for dips (homemade tzatziki, anyone?), baking, and topping savory dishes like shakshuka or as a substitute for sour cream. Grab Lykke’s handy 500g containers of plain yogurt. The possibilities are endless.  

Psst... Not all Greek yogurts are created equal. As Chef Guy shares, “Our Greek yogurt is homemade and 100% natural. It’s handmade in small batches to ensure a thick, rich yogurt. We also use locally sourced ingredients like organic Thai honey.”  
The folks at Lykke are passionate about bringing you the best Greek yogurt. Chef Guy admits that the most rewarding part of his job is, “Seeing a bright smile on your face when you take your first bite of our Greek yogurt. Lykke is happiness.” Yum! Come taste the difference.