saladaeng 30 May 2020
Matcha Brewing Guide with Seven Suns - Classic Usucha

Matcha Brewing Guide with Seven Suns - Classic Usucha

Are you ready to learn how to make your own frothy matcha? Han Mei, the owner of Seven Suns, shows us how to make a classic matcha drink at home with this fun video. Han’s easy instructions explain how you can get a healthy caffeine and antioxidant fix through the calming ritual of Japanese tea. Whisk. Drink. Chill. It's so easy! Savor the moment with matcha.

In addition to tuning into the healing properties of matcha, this video is a nice opportunity to meet Han, the founder of Seven Suns teahouse, which specializes in artisanal Japanese matcha, a superfood made from premium green tea. Han wanted to introduce Japanese tea-drinking culture to Thailand by making high-quality matcha drinks more accessible. He carefully sources Seven Suns' matcha from the top tea masters in Uji, Japan. This is where the world's best matcha is produced thanks to its unique soil and surroundings. 

Thanks to Han's passion and eye-to-detail, Seven Suns' only serves ceremony-grade matcha prepared to the highest standards. This means that each sip offers you the purest flavors and quality. This also means that Han is the perfect person to show you how to brew a nice cupppa tea! Finally, not only do his handcrafted matcha drinks taste delicous, but they also provide health benefits such as boosting your body's concentration, immune system, and detoxifying functions. That's a win/win! Now, let's get brewing.

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