saladaeng 23 March 2020
Enjoy your favorite food and drinks at home!

Due to the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation, theCOMMONS Thonglor will be temporarily closed until 30th April 2020. Don’t worry - we are ensuring that you won’t go hungry by offering scrumptious food delivery and takeaway services. Our vendors are adhering to the strictest health guidelines while preparing delicious dishes for you. We continue to support our vendors, small businesses, and the community. We’ll help you satisfy your cravings without leaving the house. 

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Get your gourmet coffee fix at-home. This specialty roaster uses local beans and pays zealous attention to every detail of the coffee-making process.

 🍵Seven Suns

Infuse some zen into your abode with delicious, ceremonial green tea. This tea bar specializes in handcrafted matcha drinks, a Japanese antioxidant green tea superfood.


Relax at home. Roast will come to you. This casual eatery serves standout comfort food. Their culinary team makes everything in-house with the freshest ingredients possible.


This chicken is flying to you! Fowlmouth’s Nashville-style fried chicken features a unique recipe with a spice-o-meter ranging from mild to intense. Indulge in gourmet side dishes, too.


This new sister concept from the founders of Fowlmouth offers an egg-centric menu with items such as breakfast burritos, sandwiches, waffles, and more.

🥡Pad Pad

Enjoy street food at home. This Asian stir-fry concept offers a twist on Thailand’s aharn tam sung (made-to-order food stalls). Choose carbs, proteins, veggies, & sauces to customize your wok-fried combo.

🍔Bun Meat & Cheese

Burger bliss awaits! These meticulously crafted burgers offer a balanced combination of classic ingredients. Elevate your burger by adding The PIT Master’s tender, smoked brisket.

🍖Boon Tong Kee

Fulfill your cravings for classic Singaporean food with specialty items such as their famous chicken rice, signature roast duck, poached Chinese spinach with eggs, and more.

🥗Hunter Poke

Get a taste of Hawaii with a few easy clicks! This seafood shop serves Hawaiian-inspired poke bowls which perfectly balances raw fish with fruits, vegetables, and homemade sauces for a healthy meal.


Tuck into an authentic taste of Italy with Nonna-approved comfort food. This eatery is devoted to creating scrumptious pizzas and delectable Italian dishes.

🥤QQ Dessert

Order Taiwanese desserts conveniently prepared for you. Get fruit teas, shaved ice bowls, and house-made puddings topped with healthy accents like handmade taro & sweet potato mochi or lotus seeds.