saladaeng 10 January 2020
Behind the Design

Creative neighborhoods like Saladaeng inspire us. It’s hard not to fall in love with the buzz, eclectic vibes and natural charms of this part of town.

Much like our Thonglor location, theCOMMONS Saladaeng is tucked away off from the main roads, but easily accessible and in a place immersed with a real sense of belonging. Our passion for the outdoors meant we were naturally drawn to soi one’s lush, tree-lined street. But nothing matches the large Sai tree, which stands proudly at the front of our site. We were determined not just to protect it, but to build this new home around its beautiful expanse. We hope that many will take refuge under the Sai’s leafy canopy and enjoy resting their eyes on its green. 

It goes without saying that our friends at Department of Architecture (DEPT), who also designed theCOMMONS Thonglor, took on this project.
To ensure that the design of the building had a true sense of place, DEPT looked back to the origin of Saladaeng’s name, which translates to ‘red pavilion’. Tracing back to the period of King Rama V when there were few buildings in this area, a small train pavilion with a red roof stood out against the fields. It became such an iconic symbol that people naturally called the area Saladaeng. If you look up at our roof, you can see what sparked the inspiration behind the design.

Scattered throughout our community space, you’ll also be able to spot little quirky elements that our design studio partner, Be>Our>Friends, has found and felt captured the essence of the neighborhood. You can scan the individual QR codes to read more about these hidden gems!