11AM-9PM Daily
La Cocina

It is a Signature Cuisine based on the Mexican background of the chef but open to explore new horizons.The idea behind our dishes is to highlight the ingredients of Mexican cuisine that have been left aside, elements that are either superfoods or extremely healthy, with the desire to change people's perception of Mexican cuisine being heavy, fattening, and unhealthy.To us, the importance of utilizing premium ingredients in our dishes is essential, as it is to transmit the message of the impact that food has on our everyday performance and health.Taking Mexican basics to a new place in which other flavors are welcome and where we can enjoy the beauties of our cuisine at the same time, we provide our bodies with excellent quality fuel to perform at our highest.We have decided to break some rules to achieve our goal of making every one of our dishes a complete meal for our guests to enjoy.Mexican food has never been so flavorful, friendly, and nutritious.

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