Soap Making by Recycling Cooking Oil
THONGLOR / theCOMMONS Kitchen & Bar (Fl.3)
Sat, Apr 23th 2023 / 2pm - 3.30pm
Soap Making by Recycling Cooking Oil

Join our monthly workshop to make a practical, household item and make a difference for our earth! This fun session is hosted by our eco-buddies at Bangkok Soap Opera. They’ll teach you how to recycle cooking oil by turning it into liquid soap. These sweet suds are kind to your body and to our planet.   

You’ll go home with a bottle of handcrafted, earth-friendly soap and the knowledge to lead a more sustainable life. Don’t miss this enriching experience! Register today.  

You'll learn:  

✔️ How to make liquid soap from your cooking oil. 
✔️ A new way to live greener by upcycling home waste into a new self-care product. 
✔️ A cool way to make a practical item (soap!) for yourself and others. 
✔️ Tips on mindful consumption and sustainability.  

- Participants must be 12+ yrs
- Language: English
- Suitable for all skill levels

About the Instructor: 
Bangkok Soap Opera is an eco-friendly cosmetic and skincare brand. They are passionate about sharing knowledge that encourages a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.  

Contact us: Phone: +6689 152 2677Email: [email protected] Line: @thecommonsbkk

22 Apr
550 Thb / Person
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